The android apps & iOS, as ideas, belong to ETAL S.A. and were designed by ETAL S.A. in cooperation with the contractor company. They were created by the OMEGATECHNOLOGY Team whose work is remarkable even if it is a contractual obligation. However, we have to approve, no matter what the contractual obligation was, their effort to understand the spirit of our areas, their resistance to our persistence and their acceptance of our dream for our areas and their willingness to move a step forward in the direction of the innovation. An action like this has many keys to success. Concerning “digital applications”, we have to thank lots of people who have played a major role (whether deliberate or accidental).

Starting with ETAL S.A. , the team work, that consists of Anastasios M. Perimenis, Sophia Malapascha, Konstantino Kavlakoni, Anastasia Vogiatzoglou, Kalliopi Kouloudi, Terpsi Konaka, Nicko Plouko, Marianthi Vagi, the President of the Municipal Council and the Members of Municipal Council for their support in a difficult and bureaucratic (like all the others) work.
The Common Technical Secretariat Greece-Cyprus of the Relevant Management Principal, Panagioti Xanthopoulo who dealt with our work, Asterio Philato, Vaia Tsiakante and Eleni Giammaki for their collaboration and encouragement.
The Members of Develepment Enterprises starting with Dimitra Kampelli, George Maurogianni, Michali Zanno, Mario Ioannou, Evdokia Balamou, Christaianna Bogiatzea and Maki Papamichael who helped a lot for the design of the initial proposal.
The Members of the Municipality of Archanon-Asterousion, Evgenia Stilianou and Georgia Papadaki, the Members of the Municipality of Lesbos, Nicky Choriatelli, Anastasia Karagianni, Anne Oikonomidou, who accepted our philosophy during numerous actions.
The co-partners Christophoro Mandila, George Petraki, Kiriako Sika, Despoina Papadima, Ioanna Drakaki for their service and ideas during the application of the work, the photographers, the copywriters, the editors and the members of the contractor companies.
Finally, we may forget a lot of people in this final report of a long journey, but our philosophy was to have a result in a digital reality that belongs to everyone, because, at last, it was designed for everyone, for all these people who are going to use it to learn about the secrets of our areas “walking in the natural habitat of Lesvos, Herakleio, Larnaca and Paphos”.

 Come with us in this journey, because, as Kostis Palamas said…

 “No life stays still, a lot of travels have shaken me, a lot of places have surrounded me…the doors of churches were open and pieces of art guided me as well as the nature…” Have a nice trip…

Lead Parnter 

   Heraklion Development Agency S.A. 
Archanes 701 00 , Heraklion-Crete, Greece 
Tel: +30 2810753000, fax: +30 2810753310
e-mail: -
Contact: Dimitra Kampeli


Action Lead Parnter

Lesvos Local Development Co. S.A. [ETAL S.A.]
4, Ermou str., Mytiline 811 00, Lesvos, Greece 
Tel: 2251029400, fax: 22251029577
e-mail: -  
Contact: Anastasios M. Perimenis
  Larnaca District Development Agency
2B, Ag. Lazarou str, 7040, 
Voroklini-Larnaca, Cyprus
Tel..: + 357 24 815280, fax: + 357 24 636817
e-mail: -
Contact: Eudokia Balamou
  Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia
Peza  701 00, Heraklion-Crete, Greece
Tel.: 2813 401 100, fax: +30 2810 743 464,
e-mail: -
Contact: Eugenia Stylianou
    Development Co. Paphos Aphrodite Ltd 
23, Ellados Ave.,
office 301, CY 8020,  Paphos Cyprus
Tel: + 357 26 933455, fax: + 357 26 933456
e-mail: -
Contact: Marios Ioannou