Name of the trail: Kounaviano Gorge : Peza – Karteros
Distance:  12.790 m
Minimum Altitude:  40 m
Maximum Altitude: 300 m
Height Difference: 260 m
Kind of the trail: Crossing
Difficulty Level: Medium
Duration:  3,5 hours
General Description:  The starting point of the trail is Peza. The kind of the trail is crossing and the end of the route is Karteros           
Detailed Description: The difficulty level of the trail is medium because the accessibility of the road is bad and at the biggest part of the trail. The distance of the trail is 12,79 km and it comes through a rural landscape.
Means of Transportation: Pedestrian
Accessibility: Asphalt road, Dirt
Best Period: All year round
Sites Visits: External
Starting Trail: Peza
Track Termination:  Karteros
Tourism Type: Naturalistic