Name of the trail: Larnaca : Tochnis (Circular)
Distance: 18.800 m
Minimum Altitude:  90m
Maximum Altitude: 450m
Height Difference: 360m
Kind of trail: Circular
Difficulty Level: Hard
Duration:  2 hours
General Description:  The starting point of the route is Tochni. The kind of the route is circular, so the end of the route is Tochni.
Detailed Description: The difficulty level of the route is hard because the accessibility is bad at a big part of the route and the sloping of the road is big. The distance of the road is 18.8 km and it comes through brushwood and a rural landscape.
Means of Transportation: Bike
Accessibility: Dirt
Best Period: All year arround
Sites Visites: External
Starting Trail: Tochni
Track Termination:  Tochni
Tourism Type: Naturalistic, Bike